What to save for and for what not

New experiences

When did you last try something new? Whatever it is. From a new route to work, through a new recipe or experience. Some of them cost money, yes. But they are the fifth thing that should not be saved. Sit down and make a list of everything you have not tried, but you want. Free or Paid. And once in a while, take a point from the list. It is very likely, while reading, to say that all this is very good, but you really do not have any free funds and you can not spend on useful things. Let’s see where you can save to get them.


Image of suitHonestly, why must the wardrobe be updated every season? Fashion is a very relative concept. Have discounts in stores? Okay, but how many of your rags and shoes will you wear more than once? You do not have to wear your clothes from high school, but everyone knows that this feather is tempting and real can always be saved from it.


To get quickly from point A to point B, you need four wheels and an internal combustion engine. All cars have them, Image of carand the rest is cool. If you can not afford an expensive car, just do not get one. And taking a car in old or just cheaper is not like marrying her. It will ever be changed. It is not a mistress too, so the extra spending on a car will not pay you much credit. And if you can get somewhere on foot, bike or other cheap (and ecological) way, why give money for gasoline? By car to the neighboring bread backyard, honestly?


Image of cosmeticsThis truth is harsh: Everyone is as beautiful as nature has decided, and we are all aging. And nothing can mask you except good health and smile. Huge investments in cosmetics and cosmetic procedures will not turn you into a princess. So take advantage of them within reasonable limits.

The home

Some women are referring to their home just like the carmakers in their cars. They are crazy about cuddly “home Image of homeaccessories”, they change their couch every year, have 22 pairs of unique sheets and 14 sets of dishes – for each occasion, a different one. If you are recognized in this category, you might want to consider whether you have such a kind of addiction. Sell the excess and spend the money somewhere on vacation.


How important is it to have the latest model phone?

Will the people admire you and envy you? If you are smart, healthy and successful, you will envy more. And you’ll be able to afford this phone without your budget feeling. But as long as you spend on redundant technological widgets, it will not happen and you will be stupid, poor and sick, but it is very important that you have bought another technological innovation

If you urgently need to change your philosophy of spending and escape yourself and worry to mark a new strategy: We are still in the excursion season and one trip is the best way. And if you need extra money look for cash advance lenders.


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