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Granny’s tips: How do we save white tissues from yellowing?

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See how not to allow your favorite lacy tablecloths and sheets to yellow over time by using stain removal methods.

Everyone has an expensive, sentimental point of view, set of bed linen, curtains or blankets passed on from generation to generation. Some – woven fabrics with beautiful lace, preserved the history of the genus. Often they are not used and remain hidden deep in the wardrobe because they are expensive or do not fit into the modern interior.5754404217_d9756954e0_b Over the years, though not used, they begin to turn yellow and lose their aesthetic appearance. See how to hinder this process and how to save damaged fabrics with the following tips:

How to Prevent Yellowing?

To prevent yellowing of delicate fabrics, store them wrapped in dark-colored cloths or crepe paper so that they do not reach light.

Remember, if not in use, you should ventilate them for a while. This is best done in clean air and in the sun.

Remove the yellow spots

If it’s too late and the yellow spots are in the face, forget about the bleach and the laundry and get ready to wash everything by hand. Here’s how to do it:

  1. For starters, soak the damaged tissues in a hot water basin, adding salt and lemon juice. The ratio is every 2 liters of water – 1 cup of salt and 5 lemon juice. The alternative solution is hot water in which grated Marseil soap and soda bicarbonate are added.
  2. Depending on the degree of yellowing, let the cloth soak for a few hours or overnight.
  3. If the stains are stubborn and the dirty item is a little – a pillow case or a napkin, you can try to cook them on a hot soapy water. If you have a fireplace at home, you can try another proven method that our grandmothers have used, namely to make everything in water with wood ash.
  4. After about 20 minutes, rinse and wash with mild or Marseil soap.

The Granny tips are very useful. Once you take care for the yellow spots on your clothes you can take a look of the cleanliness in your home. Regular cleaning Royal Tunbridge Wells is your decision in if you live in that area. So you can find the contacts here.

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